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My name is Jonathan Nicholas is a designated police officer and a gun enthusiast. Born in New York, Queens I was one of the most respected officers in our police circle. I have worked in various police stations and had experience of more than 15 years.

the years he developed a passion for guns and earned expertise in this field. Considering my experience, I received a lot of offer as a writer and became very famous. Because of my knowledge about guns, I also started in many Tv shows and also have a regular column in many magazines. 


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At that time, in 1986, the police found themselves in a situation where weapons were overwhelmed realizing that they were endowed approximately 75 years old, classic .38 caliber revolvers Smith & Wesson, no longer adapts to the new reality. Before you realize, Gluck pistols entered the US market, conquering the police first, followed by the civilian market, more lucrative.

Gaston Gluck came with a unique type of gun design before making an entire factory. When designing the first model, Gluck 17 had no training in the most basic terms of armament, but he had extensive experience in the field of chemical synthetic polymers, knowledge which culminated in the forefront of the commercial polymer frame pistols.


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